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Business Valuations

Success Business Services is an expert in helping business owners obtain the best valuations for their business. The most important part of any valuation is having the correct valuation services firm perform the valuation. There are thousands of companies that claim to do valuations. How is a business owner to know which one to select? Success Business Services has experience facilitating every type of valuation, and therefore, has the knowledge and established relationships to help business owners select the correct type of valuation and to choose the best firm to perform the valuation. After completing the selection process, Success Business Services will facilitate the information sharing process between the valuator and the business owner. Success Business Services will also review the valuator’s first draft of the valuation and give feedback to the valuator on their assumptions, methodologies, and completeness. If you need to have a valuation performed on your business, call Success Business Services today at (443) 512-8991 for a free initial valuation consultation.

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